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Let’s practice a little informed consent before you dig in–

in this workshop, you will

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Validate a long held assumption about marketing– and discover the truth that lies under your skepticism.

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Unpack what really stands in your way of marketing effectively
(hint: your inner critic is going to have a field day with this one)

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Learn how you’re not alone in your struggles to integrate your clinical acuity with marketing prowess

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Disrupt old stories you tell yourself about what stands in the way of you getting what you need

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Uncover the three keys waitlist-only therapists use to build the business of their dreams

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Get ready to take notes for your next therapy session

because you’re about to find out how really good marketing unearths the part of us we’re most scared to acknowledge:

Your desire for more.


I HIGHLY recommend Jenn for anything and everything related to content marketing for therapists.

Jenn is smart, attuned and highly skilled at guiding you, as a therapist in private practice really SPEAK the clients you are the most passionate about and excited to serve.

If you actually want to write in a way that allows you to charge premium fees while doing your best work and attracting individuals who are already eager and ready to invest in working with you from the moment they get on that phone consultation, then I definitely recommend you work with Jenn - basically, like, yesterday.

Tiffany McLain, founder of The Lean In. MAKE BANK. Academy


Look. You and me? We’re strangers on the internet. Who agreed (on the basis of a well-placed social media post) that we should get to know each other a bit better.


Excellent question, my soon-to-be friend and I hope eventual colleague.

Because we both have something the other person wants.

(How’s that for a little transactional analysis during your in between sessions social media scroll?)

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What I have that you want is easy to name–I built a six-figure practice full of dream clients, work in my practice less than sixteen hours a week, and have gone on to teach many others how to do the same.

I’ve got marketing acumen out the wazoo. And when you pair that with clinical insight and more grit than sense (which includes a belief that I can learn how to edit videos in two weeks or less)...

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…well, you get 45-minutes worth of actionable insights where you’ll dismantle your defenses and cultivate your giftedness so you can market your practice with ethical ease AND efficient efficacy.


You know the kind of marketing, it…


looks a lot like what happens in the therapy hour–real, raw, and surprisingly human; the other feels seen, held, and challenged to go beyond what is and risk what could be.


sounds like your internal protectors’ warning, “don’t get your hopes up, there are so many reasons it won’t work for you.”


tastes like birthday cake at the surprise party your loved ones threw you–after you felt certain you would just go by unseen by those who surround you.

(me and your inner critic can argue later whether or not all of the above has the smell of eau de parfum de conneries about it)


I’m getting ahead of myself though. And I’ve totally gotten us off-track.

You and I were talking about what we want from each other.

On the surface, you just want marketing strategies and techniques. A few quick tips to keep you going on this seemingly never-ending journey to get what seems to come so easily to others.

But underneath?

You want it all–easy, effortless, ethical, effective, and exceptionally successful. And efficiently delivered to you in less than an hour's time.

And even though you tell yourself that’s unreasonable, nevermind unrealistic–you still harbor the tiniest hope that I may have the magic pill to your marketing woes.

Because if I did? I’d be able to answer why marketing your practice feels so damn impossible, especially when you compare yourself to your colleagues whose voicemail and inbox seems to always be full of consult requests.

You’re not lazy.

It’s just that hope feels more expensive than you can afford.

Which brings us to you, and what you have that I want.

It’s pretty simple, even if it feels nigh on impossible.

I want your trust.

Not in me necessarily (though, I won’t lie, that would be nice and make this process go so much more smoothly).

Not even in marketing–I’m wary of selling it as some sort of capitalistic cure-one that will suddenly give you all the things you long for.


I want you to trust yourself.


Jenn’s the perfect person to help clinicians attune to their own inner marketing styles.

She is hands down the realest person I know. Pair that with her innate talent for words and you get just the right amount of magic. Everything Jenn puts out into the world is authentic and it’s this sincerity that has served her so well in her multiple businesses.

Marissa Lawton, Side Hustle Strategist & Host of Empathy Rising Podcast

Because, I didn’t. For far too long.

(Feel free to call all this marketing consultancy an act of sublimation).

And because the thing I have to sell you in the last nine minutes of the workshop?

It’s damn good. But I don’t want you to buy it because I’m an incredibly gifted seller of things (though I am–remind me to tell you later about how the best job I’ve ever had was selling wine to elderly moviegoers).

I want your “hell yes!” rather than just your “I guess so.”

I want to know that when you say “yes” it’s because you know in your gut that what I have to offer is exactly what will push the needle forward in building the business of your dreams AND that you know I’ll see the person rather than the purpose underneath all your carefully honed clinical persona.


So what say you, internet-stranger and soon-to-be-friend?

Are you ready to risk the harder part?

The part that requires you to trust yourself, even in the face of a world telling you in both subtle and egregious ways that you don’t know what the hell you’re doing?

Because if you’re in, then I am too.

(And I promise you, it’s going to be a rollercoaster of epiphanies).

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And hey. Best news of this whole long page?

The sales pitch is directly preceded by forty-five minutes of therapeutic marketing gold.

And the secret to unlocking your full caseload? You’ll learn that it’s been a topic in your own therapy long before you landed here.

P.S. You really should stick around for the whole presentation–because in the last nine minutes I reveal how you can snag a virtual, individual coffee date with me…

…where we can chat about whatever you want–your marketing plan, mindset blocks, or how neither of us have ever read Waking the Tiger by Levine, despite owning it in hardback AND as an e-book.