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What's Included

THE WORKSHOP: elevate your business in 2024 with our 90-minute workshop, where we'll dive into the core elements:

Soul: you'll consider the ways you're unconsciously sabotaging your inevitable success.

Strategy: you'll discover the magic hiding behind the abbreviations MVMF and FMF (and why they're going to change your life way more than the DSM ever did).

Story: you'll nail down the core messaging you need to create in 2024, so you can stop spinning your wheels and start working with your right fit clients.

THE BONUSES: implement what you learned and stay accountable to really taking action in 2024

Marketing Fundamentals Glossary: the reference guide you never knew you needed (and parts of you still wish you didn't know--knowledge after all engenders accountability).

Minimal Viable Marketing Funnel Roadmap: discover the backroads that'll help you bypass the congestion of generic therapist marketing and chart your path to success by being profoundly, delightfully you.

Full Marketing Funnel Blueprint: what, you thought a roadmap was enough? we're not in this for the quick dollar buck, but rather to build you sanctuary in your business, a place you can count on even when storms pound the doors.

Total Value: $3,000
Regular Price: $1500

Today's Price: $300

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Jenn continually impresses me with her thoughtfulness, keen intelligence, and ability to apply both her spiritual and academic talents to being a highly successful private practice therapist.

Her ability to extract and communicate the deeper meaning of our work, combined with her natural business sense, gives her a unique skillset to share with those of us who struggle to talk confidently and clearly about what we do.

Linzy Bonham, Founder of Money Nuts & Bolts